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Halal & Vegan Foods

What are Halal foods?

Halal Bakery and Food Processing certification process requires careful analysis to ensure Halal compliance. Per the Islamic Services of America, there are many products used that must be investigated in order to meet Halal compliance standards. 

Prior to any Halal product and/or facility approvals, ISA’s Halal QA Team considers all aspects of products in their raw and finished states. The ISA also regularly performs onsite Halal inspection audits at manufacturer production and storage facilities to confirm their production process flow charts match the actual practices.

What are Vegan foods?

Vegan (strict vegetarian) foods are produced without using any products derived from an animal. Vegan foods do not contain meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs or honey. Our vegan foods typically include a wide variety of delicious, nutritious ingredients, including vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, seeds, and fruits.

Halal and Vegan Foods at sweet tooth

You can order a Halal and Vegan foods by visiting us in person or placing an order for pickup through our online order system