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All About the Cafe!

Food for the soul

Sweet Tooth Cafe & Catering is the newest addition to the Sweet Tooth family of companies.
sweet tooth cafe & catering logo in color

Sweet Tooth Cakes and Pastries LogoIn 2012, Sweet Tooth began as a partnership between Chef Thomas of Sweet Tooth Cakes and Pastries, and his wife Sara. Today, we are the DMV masters of Catered Platters, and local comfort food. Our loyal customer base has stayed strong, but also quickly fell in love with our Cafe menu favorites like Chicken with Attitude and Curry Chicken Salad along with an extensive array of menu choices.Sweet Tooth Cakes & Pastries Cafe Menu Burgers The catering department has found its own success with catering has found its own success with catering for local corporate luncheons, banquets and personal family events.

Come in for a meal and leave with with a full stomach and a smile.

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Your stomach deserves a sweet treat 🙂

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